Concord Metropolitan District has constructed major infrastructure such as water, sanitary sewer, non potable irrigation lines, streets, traffic signals and regional storm water detention ponds.

In the past, projects were completed on behalf of the property owners in order to facilitate the orderly development of the Concord Business Center.

Via West completed in 2015 an approximate $90 million dollar data center at the Northeast corner of Peoria and Compark Blvd.  In order to facilitate this project which will double the District's tax base, the Board agreed to provide $295,000 in public infrastructure reimbursements for a water line and street to serve the project and others nearby.

  Concord Metropolitan Fee Schedule          
  On the last page of the manual is the Concord MD fee schedule. The actual costs of the Districtís consulting architect review, the Board Committee meeting and any other associated consulting costs are due from the applicant in addition to the per square foot review fees on the schedule.  
       Business Center Development Manual          
       Concord Systems Development Fee Resolution          
       2018-08-07 Concord Business Center Business Association for Operational Cost Sharing (Road Maintenance)  
       2015-05-07 Tamarack Engineer's Report and Certification of Districts Costs Proposal with Addendum  
       2015-05-05 Concord Facilities Funding and Acquisition Agreement  
       2008-10-07 Concord ACWWA Non-Potable Line Construction IGA  
       2007-01-10 Concord Stormwater Facility Construction & Reimbursement with ACWWA (District B Phase 3)  
       2003-01-01 Concord Stormwater Facility Construction & Reimbursement with ACWWA (Trammell Crow Company)  
       2001-08-23 Concord Stormwater Facility Construction & Reimbursement with ACCWA (Phase 2)  
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